CanMarLau Brilla!

Somos un Solete!

Discover our authentic Mediterranean cuisine, awarded the Repsol Guide Solete. From iconic dishes that will delight your senses to special offers that will surprise you. Our history and culinary tradition are reflected in every bite.

Join us at unique events and celebrations, where the passion for gastronomy merges with Mediterranean culture. We don't just serve food, we tell stories in every dish.

Our talented team of chefs and wait staff work tirelessly to bring excellence to your table. We are not just a restaurant, we are a gastronomic family.

We invite you to explore our season of flavors and the festivities that accompany it! And of course, don't miss our menu updates, always fresh and exciting.

The testimonials of our satisfied customers are our greatest reward. Can Marlau is a place where food becomes an unforgettable experience.

Come and feel the Mediterranean spirit in every bite. We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Guia Repsol

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